Brigitte Singh

French by birth, Brigitte Singh first visited Jaipur during the 70s to study miniature painting. Here she met her husband and subsequently made her home in Amber, the old capital, near Jaipur. Brigitte became fascinated by the rich heritage of the textile industry, in particular the art of wood block printing, which had flourished in India in the 18th century.

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By the early 80s she had set up her own atelier in Amber where she began to produce an exquisite range of furnishings, clothing and accessories. Many of Brigitte’s designs are based on traditional Moghul art and everything from the carving of the wood blocks to the final hand stitching and pressing takes place under her personal supervision.

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The creations by Brigitte and her dedicated team of craftspeople are a gift for all of us who love beauty – and for India where she is helping to keep the technique of woodblock printing alive. Brigitte's works when they are with us, integrate themselves into our existence, eventually becoming like old friends...

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